Jarocińska Fabryka Obrabiarek S.A. Jarocin Machinetools Factory Shares Company - JAFO Co. is a firm with tradition, acting in machinetool branch for almost 70 years. Enormous experience and competence of qualified employees enable manufacturing of high class milling machines for metal working. Machinetools produced here are appreciated both in the country aswell as abroad. Since several years the company belongs to Scandinavian producers group of milling machines SMG - Swedish Machine Group, in which apart to JAFO are firms: Swedish - ABENE and Danish – PEDERSEN. Cooperation between these firms gave great benefits connected to modernising of milling machines production.

In the enterprise produced are conventional and CNC milling machines and a wide assortment of its accessories. Very popular earlier, milling machines of series FF and FR, after introducing modifications still have a very good opinion and high interest of customers. The firm has its own design office what allows it to actively work in range of introducing new products in the market. Recently the company implemented into sale new products – toolroom milling machine FN40V and CNC controlled milling machine FVF45N. In these milling machines used was a prooved solution – slant bed together with swivel milling head what gives possibility to additionaly increase working area and allows to mill both in horizontal plane and vertical aswell. These machinetools are dedicated for toolrooms, small workshops and educational workshops in schools.

The company since year 2012 is a distributor of conventional lathes from ZMM Sliven. Wide assortment of machines of this producer allows for choice of a lathe machine adapted to customer needs.

Jarocińska Fabryka Obrabiarek S.A. since year 2013 sells bed type milling machines from firm ZAYER. These are technologically advanced milling machines of high machining accuracy.

Production and sale of machinetools however is not the only form of company business. Demand on market and possesed specialistic machinery park created opportunities to actively join the segment of industrial services. The company has enormous possibilities in range of mechanical machining, production of gear wheels, welding, painting or final assembly of machines and equipment. Thanks to that JAFO have possibility of professional and complex making various sort of task machines, and also capital overhauls of machinetools for metal, and aswell of own as of other producers.These machines are adapted to the so called minimum requirements.

In the area of industrial services the company cooperates with many reknown firms of Western Europe. Main partner in this range is a firm acting in German market, for which JAFO produces machinery for food processing industry.

The firm since many years repeatedly takes part in machinetools fairs in the country and abroad. Frequently has been awarded Gold Medals of Poznan Fairs. In recent years the company presents itself on the fairs EUROTOOL in Krakov and STOM in Kielce.

In recent years in the firm processed were a few investments. One of it was a modernisation of the machinery park. It is also worth to note that thanks to skilled managing and simple organisation the company endured without loss the period of the last crisis. We are building very good relations with our clients, who receive from us the product on time, at good price and in expected quality, which many times others could not meet.

Presently the firm develops in all areas of its activity.Witness of it is the growning number of satisfied customers, with which it cooperates. For further growth and development the firm does not stop in searching for new partners.