technical data

Technical data Unit FYR40CJ2
Table working area mm 400x1400
Number of T-slots in table pc  6
Width of T-slots in table mm  18
Distance of T-slots in table mm  63
Maximum travel feeds longitudinal X axis mm  1150
crosswise Y axis mm  320
vertical Z axis mm  465
Spindle taper DIN2080 ISO  40/50
Head swivel angle    ±45°
Spindle quill slide out mm  75
Spindle revolutions speed range (stepless) rpm  80÷3000 / 70÷2500
Stepless feeds range mm/min  1-2000
Volume of rapid feeds longitudinal and cross mm/min  9000
vertical mm/min  5000
Positioning tolerance Polish Standard PN-81/M-55551,32 X axis mm  0,015
Y axis mm  0,015
Z axis mm  0,020
Positioning repeatability PN-81/M-55551,32 oś X mm  0,010
oś Y mm  0,010
oś Z mm


Nominal torque of feeds drive motor longitudinal and cross Nm 8
vertical Nm 12
Vertical spindle drive motor power kW 7,5
Hydraulic pump motor power kW 1,1
Coolant pump motor power kW 0,09
Lubrication aggregate power kW 0,15
Max. mass of workpiece with fixturing kg 450
Mass of machinetool kg 3400
Overall size of milling machine (LWH) mm 2600x2300x2400


  • control system Heidenhain TNC320
  • working space guard for table
  • splash tray
  • illuminationg lamp
  • pneumatic-hydraulic system for quick tool fixing
  • pull studs - 5 pcs
  • controller instructions and technical and movement documentation
  • service spanners


special option equipment

  • rotary table FNd250
  • rotary table FNd320
  • electronic handwheel HR
  • measuring probe TS220
  • foundation screws or vibration isolating mounting pads